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Monday, October 22, 2012

The dreaded weigh-in...

Hey there, Internet!

First, let's start off by announcing the *wInNeR* of last weeks give-a-way!!!!
Michelle Nalls & Miranda Shepard
Congratulations girls!!! Send us a message on Facebook with your finger measurment, and we'll get those rings to you ASAP!

Now then...
What's the absolute wOrSt part about starting a weight loss blog, you ask? Well, let me tell you. It's the fear of putting it all out there... and let's be honest, there's a LOT of  "it".

But alas, we would be fools to think we could start a weight loss journey with Internet, and still keep all the gory details to ourselves. So, without further ado, we post the following pictures and numbers (For some of us, anyway!) with the hope that in the following months we'll be able to look back and say "Remember when we were so big we didn't even want to post the pictures?"

Weighing in at - Apparently 0lbs because she refuses to put those numbers out there. I'll keep working on her!

Weighing in at 240lbs....yep.
Long Term Goal - 125lbs
Monthly Goal - 10lbs
Weekly Goal - 2.5lbs

                                                   So that's it for us!!!
 Want to join in on the action? Email us your before pictures and starting weight, and we'll add you to this blog post! You'll be included in the weekly weigh-in which will be every Wednesday!
If you've already finished your journey or are near the end, please send us your before and after pictures! We'll create a collage to help inspire others!
*hInT* You just might need them for an up and coming give-a-way!

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  1. Our CR group has started writing down everything we eat. It is to make us aware of what we are doing. I get zoned out when I eat, especially when near a computer or TV. Even with the kids, I am busy thinking of everything but what I am tasting. So, I am doing two new things. 1. I am going to have dinner, my temptation time to binge, at the table with no other distraction than my dinner companions. I am going to use a tablecloth and have a centerpiece. 2. There will be no pots, jugs, or junk cartons on the table. I am going to use pretty dishes and serving bowls. The point for me is to notice what I am eating. I will let you know how that turns out. It is just an idea. Keep up the great blog ladies!!!!

    1. That's a really good idea!!! I've been trying to make sure that the only thing I eat in front of the TV is an already portioned serving or fruit and some hot tea! I have the same problem with zoning out! - ♥H

  2. You girls are awesome!!! It takes a lot of heart to put your journey out there for everyone to see!!!! Thanks for picking me to be one of the winners!!!! <3