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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Motivational Monday Intro

Hey there!! So you may have noticed that we've been pretty active on Facebook, but not so active on the blog. We've discovered that this is a littleLOT more work than it looks! HUGE admiration to all the bloggers out there who do this full time! Our goal is to keep things active on Facebook and start posting a lot more recipes, workouts, weigh-ins and such on the blog.

We think it's a good idea for us to get to know you guys on a more personal level. After all, it's a lot easier to share the gory details of a weight-loss journey with someone you know, right?? Right. 

One of the ways we thought would be fun to do that is with something we're going to call "Motivational Monday". Starting this Monday, we're each going to share with you one of our pictures from the past that we use as motivation for the future and tell you why we chose that particular picture. We'd like you to do the same! 

All you have to do is share your "picture from the past" on our Facebook page, this Monday, with a small story telling us why you chose the picture that you did, and we'll copy it over to the blog. 

I know we have quite a few followers who have reached their goals and are in a place right now that they are proud to be, and we want to be proud with you! If you have a before and after picture with a success story, we would LOVE to share it!

So for the rest of today and this evening, be thinking about the picture you're going to choose. You know you've already got the perfect one in mind!! Tomorrow morning we'll start the uploading!! We can't wait!!!

Ashley & Holly

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