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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday 11-14-12

It's weigh-in Wednesday again!!! This week has been a rough one...due to mother nature... But we're still here, and still recording our results!

Before we do that, we have a winner to announce! Thank you all so much for participating in this weeks "Hunger Games" challenge. It really helps to know we have people willing to share this with us. :)
And the winner is.....

Mariah Starr!!!!

Congratulations, Mariah!! We will be messaging you for your info very soon!! :) BUT WAIT!!! Because we had so many new likes this week, and it wasn't possible for all of you to participate from the beginning, we are going to pick another winner out of all the people who commented at least one time!! And that winner is....

Jacqueline Woltz Thomas!!!

Congratulations, Jacqueline!! We will be messaging you as well! Thank you so much for participating! :)

And now, on to those numbers...

Starting weight - 244
Current weight - 234
Pounds lost this week - 3
Total pounds lost - 10

This week was a little challenging because we are moving tomorrow and have had our house pretty much packed for the last 3 days. The temptation was definitely there to just eat out for these last few days but I'm so glad I stuck with the diet and even though it wasn't the easiest option, it was the healthiest for my family!  

Starting weight - 240
Current weight - 233
Pounds lost this week - 3
Total pounds lost - 7

I've gotta say, I feel a little disappointed because I assumed for as much as I was changing my diet and as much as I've given up, that the weight would just fall right off. So not the case. So not. I did give in to PMS a few times this week, but I didn't over do it on anything so I'd say that was pretty good. Hopefully next week will be better!

We really do want to know how you guys did this week!! Let us know in the comments or send us an email!

This week the challenge is all about getting ourselves moving!
The goal this week is to do SOME kind of exercise every day. We don't care if it's 10 minutes or the hour and 40 minute yoga from P90X, we just want to get moving! You know the drill - each night we will post a status on the Facebook page asking what you did. All you have to do is comment everyday, and let us know how you did. And remember, it's not about whether or not you did it. It's just about getting involved (although we hope you will push yourselves, and we promise to do the same)!

This week's prize ... dun dun dun duuuun!!!
This SNAZZY yellow pedometer!!! This Proform pedometer tracks your step count, distance walked, and calories burned, all while making sure you're the best looking walker on the block!!! This is not a prize I'd want to "walk away from"..... hehe.
We will also be doing another participation prize, to be determined.
So get out there, get moving, and then get on Facebook and tell us about it!!!

Ashley & Holly

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Ashley and Holly!! My name is Kathia and I am a fan of your blog and FB page.
    My weekly challenge started a week ago when I changed my routine at the gym.
    I did stay at the same weight (142) but I was pushing and pulling heavier weight because of the routine changes. I feel that my eating clean has improved so I feel great about those changes, too!

    Please consider me for the weekly prize!
    Thank you and best luck with your journey!