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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday 11-7-2012

It's that time again! Another Wednesday, another weigh-in! We can't "weight" to hear how you guys did this week! But first, we have a winner to announce!!!

We've put all the names of the qualifying participants into a random name picker, and the winner is........

............    Melissa Moore!!!!!!

Congratulations Melissa!! Thank you SO much for participating in this! We will get your prize to you ASAP!!!!! :)

Now, let's get down to those numbers, shall we?
Starting weight - 244
Current weight - 237
Pounds lost this week - 3
Total pounds lost - 7
I have really watched everything I ate this week. I feel good knowing that I made the right choices and was able to avoid temptation (aka the 10 lbs of Halloween candy that has been sitting on my kitchen counter!) I had hoped to lose more but truthfully, I did not exercise at all this week. Maybe if I had I would've seen a bigger loss. One of these days I'm going to get it all together! ;) Now let's move on to the true heroes of this week...YOU GUYS and all of the water you consumed!! You all rocked it and you made us want to rock it! I seriously cannot express just how much I appreciate you all and the motivation you give me!!! We have a new contest starting next week and I hope you will all get involved!  ~Ashley

Starting weight - 240
Current weight - 236
Pounds lost this week - 0
Total pounds lost - 4
So, half of this week was decent and the other half was a-w-f-u-l. I got off track, ate things I knew I shouldn't have and I ate them at times that were the absolute wOrSt to be eating anything! I think I may have even had a little bit of a system shock from the fast food. However, all that being said, I learned some lessons this week.
1. It's humiliating to have to post that you've actually gained weight on your weight-loss journey (and not from gaining muscle... it's the bad kind of weight).
2. Eating out is NOT worth it. I felt like crap, gained weight and to top it all off,  it would have been quicker and cheaper to just pack a sandwich and some carrot sticks. Even the kids were sick, and that's just not okay.
All that said, these last few days have been a big turn around. I feel so grateful to you guys, because I know for certain that I wouldn't be this motivated without you! :) Especially the water drinking! My goodness! Some of you are like camels!!! Thank you so much for doing this with us! We truly do appreciate it.

We would LOVE for you to take this step with us! If you're feeling frisky, go ahead and comment below telling us how you did this week. Did you lose? Gain? Maintain? We Want To Know!!! Doing this with friends is soooo much more fun than doing it alone!

Before you go, we'd like to tell you about this weeks contest! We're calling it "The Hunger Games" ... hehe... It will technically start tonight, but we wont ask for your answers until the morning! Here's how it works! The rule is, no eating 2 hours before bedtime. In the morning we'll ask "Did you survive!?" and you'll either respond with a joyful "Yes!!" or a sad "I surrendered". You don't have to "survive" to win. You only have to comment with how you did, every morning! The names of the people who comment every morning will be entered into our cyber hat, and we'll randomly pick one person as the winner!
We've both made mention that we struggle with nighttime eating. There are many people that say not eating after a certain time at night helps with their weight loss. One of Bob Harper's (from the Biggest Loser) rules of weight loss is to go to Bed hungry. Some of the benefits of cutting out night eating? I'm glad you asked!
Here are a few:
  • If you know you're going to stop eating at a certain time it's easier to track your calories and not over do it. It's easy to forget to write things down or write them down inaccurately if you're just "munching".
  • Eating at night might upset your body's natural day/night cycle and lead to poor-quality sleep
  • Eating before bed slows metabolism and encourages weight gain

Obviously, everyone has different schedules so it wouldn't be reasonable to say no eating after 6 o'clock or 8 o'clock or whatever time. So that's why we decided to make it no eating 2 hours before bed. We're looking forward to hearing how you all do!


And the prize? We're glad you asked! For us, hot tea is a MUST HAVE for evening! It's comforting and it gives you the illusion that you're eating, but you're really not! The winner this week will get.....
This HANDSOME mug and some sleepytime tea to fill it with!
Good luck!!! ;)

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