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Friday, November 30, 2012

Drop 'Til You Shop!!!

Hey guys!!

It's a new month! With that comes a new start AND a new contest! November was crazy busy and to be honest it got the best of us  took us out back and beat us to a pulp.... but we are ready to get serious in December! We realize that this month will more than likely be crazier than the last so we are going to set up some goals that will still allow us some flexibility. Soo...starting TOMORROW we are going to commit to 2 major goals: Exercising at least 4 times a week and NO fast food or soda!! We would love you guys to join us or set your own goals for the month and share them with us! Now, on to the contest....

Starting December 5th (our next Weigh-In Wednesday) we will be beginning a new contest. We're calling it ...

"Drop 'Til You Shop"
 (Clever, eh? We're pretty proud of this one!).

 How do you enter? It's simple! Comment every Weigh-In Wednesday with your pounds lost, gained, maintained (no judgement here, ladies!) If you comment every Wednesday, your name will be entered into a drawing for A BRAAAAND NEW..............$20 Giftcard to the store of your choice! Who couldn't use a little extra dough this month?? Mama needs a new pair of shoes! Am I right? Anyone? Ok....with that, we will be leaving you. GOOD LUCK!!!!

 Ashley & Holly

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